13 Days Of Spooky Christmas

An annual tradition of watching scary movies before and on Christmas eve has formed. The name that we chose to call this yearly event is the 13 days of spooky Christmas because it's exactlay that: 13 days of watching Christmas horror movies. This tradidion started in 2013 and has been gaining popularity ever since.

When Does It Start?

The annual spookathon starts on December 13th, and runs for 13 days until Christmas eve, December 25. This includes a movie night on 25th too. The event includes an xmas party with a gift exchange and horror themed potuck!

How Do I Organize One?

Organizing a Christmas movie spookathon is easy! Pick a group of friends, coleagues or family that will want to participate, in other words, form a group. Create a list of Christmas horror movies and don't forget to include Cadaver Christmas of course! (After all it's was our movie fans that created this fun tradition) and then go on about watching horror movies for 13 days till Xmas!

Details for this year's spookathon:

13 Days Of Spooky Christmas - 2017 Edition!